Learn How to Shape your Eyebrows Like a Pro

Learn How to Shape your Eyebrows Like a Pro

Do you want to know how to shape your eyebrows like a pro?

It's actually not as difficult as you might think! In this blog post, we will outline everything you need to know about eyebrow shaping. We'll provide a step-by-step guide on how to get the perfect brows for your face shape, and we'll also discuss the different types of eyebrow shapes that are popular today. So whether you're looking to tame unruly brows or simply want to change up your look, read on for tips and advice from the experts!


The Hair Removal Journey


There are many methods for creating perfectly shaped eyebrows, but the most popular (and arguably the most effective home method) is using a set of tweezers. Before you start tweezing, it's a good idea to map out your desired shape on your face. This can be done by drawing a light line along your natural brow line with an eye pencil. Once you have your shape mapped out, start plucking any hairs outside of this line. Be careful not to over-tweeze, as this can lead to bald patches.


Another popular method for shaping eyebrows is threading. This ancient Indian technique involves using a piece of cotton thread to remove hair from the root. It can be a little painful, but it's very effective at removing unwanted hair. The reason this technique is so effective is because, similar to tweezing, it removes even the tiniest hairs. This technique takes time to perfect, and you'll often find that the speedy technicians you find offering this service in salons, have been doing its for years. It is common practice in some countries for this technique to be passed down from mother to daughter, or grandmother to granddaughter.


If you don't want to tweeze or thread your eyebrows, there are a few other methods you can try. Waxing is another popular method used by many people to shape their brows and remove other unwanted facial hair. I will never forget the day my bestfriend said to me .."babe (arm grab and pause for dramatic effect) I think you're growing a beard!". Turns out it was the fine vellus hairs/peach fuzz we all have on our faces, regardless this is not something I was excited about and so I joined ranks with the many people who wax their upper lip. Eyebrow waxing is great too, but I definitely recommend threading if you haven't tried it, and If you just prefer an eyebrow wax make sure you find a brow stylist who gets every fine little hair with tweezers after they wax the bulk of the hairs away! This way you can still enjoy perfectly sculpted brows that will stay looking beautiful for longer before your next salon visit.


If hair removal is not what your after, then you could try using makeup or a brow tint. Brow pencils or powders can be used to fill in any gaps and give your eyebrows a more defined shape. Or, if you're feeling adventurous, you could try dyeing your eyebrows a different color...we do like to note however that if it is a precise shape that you are after, dyeing or tinting your eyebrows without removing any unwanted hairs first, can make it hard to achieve a precise shape with clean lines.


Do My Brows Suit My Face Shape?

Maybe...without being able to see you its hard to tell but we have some tips to help you navigate between flattering eyebrows and fashionable eyebrows.

Is there a perfect eyebrow shape for each face shape?...not really. There are many factors that come into finding the perfect eyebrow shape. Face shape is a big one, but individual differences such as how big your eyes are, or how close together they are can change the styling suitability of what can be classified as "the most flattering" eyebrow styles for the different face shapes - oval, round, diamond, square, heart, inverted triangle, pear and oblong.

The general consensus for training in the beauty community as a guide to remember but not always strictly follow when tailoring you clients brow look is as follows.


The oval face shape is considered to be the most ideal because it is symmetrical. You can pretty much wear any eyebrow style you want with this face shape! Arched eyebrows are the most popular for this face shape though as they are generally considered the most flattering.


If you have a round face, you'll want to avoid overly curved or angled eyebrows as they will only make your face look even more round. Opt for straight or slightly curved eyebrows instead. This will help to elongate the face.


This face shape is characterised by a narrow forehead, wide jawline and pointed chin. For diamond face shapes, the goal is to create fuller and more angled eyebrows. This will help to lengthen the widest part of your face and give the appearance of a broader forehead which will create balance. Try to stay away from straight brows as they will only make your features appear smaller.


Square faces should avoid angular eyebrows and instead go for thicker and more curved brows. This will help soften the angular features of your face. Brows with lots of angles and sharp lines are generally not recommended for this face shape.


This face shape is characterised by a broad forehead and a narrow chin. For heart-shaped faces, you'll want to aim for fuller and more arched eyebrows that are higher on the outer edges and lower in the center. This will help balance out your forehead and chin.

Inverted Triangle

Women with inverted triangle-shaped faces should try to create a more rounded shape with their eyebrows and avoid thin, angled brows. Doing this whilst keeping your shape fuller in the front of the brows and thinner at the ends will help soften the strong jawline and minimize the width of the forehead.


Pear shaped faces have wider chins and narrower temples, so you'll want to go for longer, more arched eyebrows to balance out their wider bottom half. Avoid shorter, thin, straight brows as they will only make your face look even wider.


Oblong-faced women can use a more angled eyebrow shape to help shorten their long face shape. Soft or straight arches work best to make an oblong face look a bit wider. If you opt for straight brows, give them a very slight curve with soft ends. Soft brows soften any harsh face outlines. Thicker eyebrows will make your forehead look wider. Stay away from overly curved or round brow shapes.


As we mentioned earlier, the above face shape guide is not a strict rule to stick to, more of a lose guideline to take into account while considering your eye shape and position, and other facial features. For example, if you have close set eyes, you may want to go for a lower arch so as not to further accentuate this. If you have wide set eyes, then a higher arch will give the illusion of bringing them closer together. If you have very round or prominent cheeks, then a straighter brow style will help create the illusion of a more oval shaped face. And so on and so forth!

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to eyebrow shapes, but there are definitely some styles that will suit certain face shapes better than others. If you're not sure what style will suit you best, we recommend seeking out the advice of a professional brow stylist who can assess your individual facial features and help you find the perfect style for you.


So what's the verdict?

Now that you understand the different eyebrow shapes and styles, it’s time to put this knowledge into action. We hope this guide has helped you to determine which brow shape will work best for your face shape, eye shape and facial features. Once you know what shape is right for you, it’s time to start shaping! ..or seek the help of a professional (no shame in that, sometimes its best to leave it to the experts). Remember, the most important thing is to keep your eyebrows looking natural. So take your time and be careful when shaping them – you don’t want to end up with over-plucked or misshapen brows. With a little practice, you’ll have perfect eyebrows in no time!

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