Foil Eyeshadow

Foil Eyeshadow

If you're looking for a way to make your eyes pop, then foil eyeshadow is the perfect tool.

Foil eyeshadow is made up of various metallic particles. The product looks like liquid metal foil and when applied to the skin, it reflects light, giving off a stunning, glossy metallic sheen. This type of eyeshadow can be used as an accent or all over the lid for an intense eye look without looking overdone or too heavy.

The technique is based on the idea of using reflective light to create a more dramatic and intense effect.

The application process for foil eye shadow varies depending on the style you are using. Some come in a compact and are applied wet or dry with an eyeshadow applicator or brush, similar to traditional eyeshadow. Some require an adhesive to be applied first and some come in liquid form.

Foil shadows are not only great for parties, they are also perfect for everyday wear. They can be used as an eyeshadow, highlighter, or even lipstick.

Foil eyeshadow has been popular in the makeup industry for some time, but more recently its popularity has skyrocketed due to social media platforms such as YouTube, TicToc and Instagram.. It is an innovative way to make your eyes pop with color, and is widely used by many celebrities and makeup artists.


Foil Eyeshadows that deliver epic pigment and won’t break the bank…

Christian Faye - Smokey Eyeshadow palette in Treasure

Christian Faye - Quattro Eyeshadow palette in Sparkle

Christian Faye - Quattro Eyeshadow palette in Green


*Pro Tip: Apply these eyeshadows with the applicator sponge they provide. We know it looks like an outdated tool your grandma might use, but trust us, dampen the sponge tip and you will achieve a sensational, high-pigment, luxurious, liquid metal look to love!

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