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Complete Lash and Brow Perfection Set

Complete Lash and Brow Perfection Set

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Simone Fuentes
Best eyebrow product

Excellent product


Your all-in-one set for creating everything from microbladed looking brows to perfectly sculpted ombre brows, all with a eye defining lash look to match.

Christian Faye Eyebrow Powder is a revolutionary semi-permanent powder that ensures perfectly shaped eyebrows in just a few seconds.

Use your stencil and powder to create the perfect brow shape and colour, then use your quattro tip pen to draw your hairs through the stenciled shape! We recommend short strokes applied in an upward and outward flicking motion. You don't have to be super neat...natural eyebrows don't contain perfect lines so this application method is super easy. You can use this method to apply an entire brow from scratch, or to fill gaps or even out your hair growth look at the front of your brows.

Use your brow liner to add a crisp tail and under side to your brows. This will give you that perfectly sculpted Instagram ready look and have your brows looking amazing all day and all night.

Set Contains: Mascara, Quattro Tip Pen, Brow Liner, Clear Brow Gel and Eyebrow Powder with stencils and double ended application brush.

Choose your Eyebrow Powder shade using our colour match chart and we will add the best eyebrow liner shade to compliment your powder shade.

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