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Eyebrow Pomade Brush

Eyebrow Pomade Brush

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Our Eyebrow Pomade Brush is a brilliantly designed, double ended brush and the ultimate secret weapon for any precision brow or gel eyeliner lover.

The angled end allows you to create crisp, clean lines to add a more angular or defined shape to your brows, or a perfectly precise winged eyeliner application.

The spoolie end is perfect for softening your brow look and setting the direction of brow hairs. Using this at the front of your brows a a quick and easy way to acheive the ombre brow long.

Pro Tip for Eyeliner: Apply a small amount of product to each side of the brush to smooth bristles together, this creates a razor thin brush line, allowing you unprecedented control over the thickness of your liner and wing.

Pro Tip for Brows:

For more natural looking brows: Use he spoolie end of the brush to smooth the pomade through your brows as you are applying. This will soften the look of your brows, set your hairs in place and allow more control over depth of pigment.

For glam precision brows: Use the technique mentioned above for eyeliner to create a razor thin brush. Use this fine brush line to draw the outline of your brows from the middle to the tail end, fill to the desired depth of pigment, smoothing product in the direction you wish hairs to sit as they will set with the pomade.
Once you have created the tail end, softly fill towards the front by holding the brush flat to the base of the brow line and flicking the brush upward in the direction of hair growth. Soften with the spoolie as you go and draw in any extra brow hairs using the brush flattened back to a razor thin line.


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