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Eyebrow Powder Brush

Eyebrow Powder Brush

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Our Eyebrow Powder Brush is a compact, double ended brush that allows for a light to full pigment application of our eyebrow powders or eyeshadows.

The fluffy, domed end assists in creating a soft or bold, long lasting eyebrow shapes in seconds when used with our eyebrow stencils. The bristles are well designed to hold powders in a way that allows for more precise application and avoids the mess associated with powder fallout around the brows or eyes, making this a great brush for not only brows but eyeshadow application too!

The angled end allows you to create crisp, clean lines to add a more angular or defined shape to your brows, or a soft powder eyeliner application.

Pro Tip: After you have filled in your brows using the fluffy end of the brush, use the angled end of the brush without powder to soften the front of your brow shape by flicking the brush upward in the direction of hair growth.

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